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Verified Credentials Background Check

You MUST use this Child & Family Studies applicant code or we cannot see your report.

Code  GGTMY- 48696

Read instructions below, then click the Verified Credentials link at the bottom of this page to begin the process.

1. Where do I get this?
It is an online application.  Please read the following instructions and then click the links at the top or bottom of the page.  For additional information or questions, please call Verified Credentials at  800-938-6090.

2. What if I have completed this with EKU College of Education?
We have access to College of Education reports.  If you completed a Verified Credentials for them, you do not have to do it again.   Please do not assume.  It is your responsibility to confirm with our department that we have your Verified Credential Report.

3. How much does it cost?
You will be charged $40.

4. How do you know if I have applied for this background check?
We have access to your application and report.  You do not have to notify this department or upload documents.

5. How long is this valid?
Beginning in the Spring 2017, you will be required to complete this report only 1 time.   It does not have to be renewed.

6. Can I give this report to other people?
Absolutely!  An online copy is always available within your Verified Credentials' QualifiedFirst® account so you can share it, such as with a potential employer.  If have any problems logging into QualifiedFirst® or sharing your report contact Verified Credentials at 800-938-6090.  Department of Family and Consumer Sciences cannot release copies of your report.

7. I had a report done somewhere else, can I use that?
NO - we cannot accept a report completed by any outside agency.  It must have been done for this department or the EKU College of Education by using Verified Credentials.

8. What if I have a criminal record?
You will be contacted by the Department's Chair's office through your EKU email.  Please check your EKU email often. 
Criminal Record Policy

Begin the application process now :   Verified Credentials Background Check Application


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